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  • CONTACT  Caz for a quote providing as much detail as possible regarding your booking.

  • All bookings for makeup and hair require a non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit to secure the date.

  • Please note that if you are an asian bride having a civil wedding ceremony or having a pre wedding party, sangeet night, mehndi party etc. this must be stated for an accurate quote.  

  • Dependent on location, a callout charge may apply.  

  • Any parking restrictions at the locations must be clearly communicated prior to the booking.  Parking should also be arranged and/or costs covered by the client making the booking.  



I am Essex based and normally travel roughly an hour.  I am happy to travel further based on whether it is a bridal or group booking, however, additional travel charges will be incurred.  If it is a very early morning booking, a hotel overnight stay will need to be covered for the night before.  


I am happy to travel abroad.  Travel time will be incorporated into the price.  All flights, hotel stays, airport taxis and parking will also need to be covered.  An overnight stay at least the night before will be required and dependant on finish times and flight times, an additional night may be required on the day of the wedding.  


Asian Bridal hair and makeup roughly 3hours (half that if its bridal hair/makeup alone)

Civil Registry brides roughly 2-2.5hrs

Non-bridal hair and makeup 1.5-2 hours depending what is required

Individual hair/makeups roughly 45mins to an hour per person again dependant on what style is required


This is all dependant on the time to be ready by and how early a client doesn't mind starting

- For Asian bridal bookings, I would only do one additional person alongside.  If it is an early morning Asian bride, I would only do the bride (I can arrange a team for others if required)  

- For Civil/registry brides, I can do 1/2 other guests alongside for hair and makeup

- For individual makeups/hair 6-7 people 

- Hair and makeup together for non-bridals 3 people

Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup


Dated: 15th March 2020

These terms and conditions are bound by The Client and The Makeup Artist on booking once a booking fee has been paid 


1. Definitions

  • Bride: The primary party requiring the makeover service – applicable to bridal bookings only

  • Client: The recipient(s) of the Service and name(s) listed on the booking form. References to the Client also includes the Party where the Party is part of the booking.  

  • The Makeup Artist - refers to Caz or the appointed artist via Caz

  • Contract: The terms and conditions that exist between the Client, the Party and Caz for the agreed Services and Fee.

  • Destination Wedding: A wedding hosted in another country outside of England.

  • Event(s): Relates in principle to the location where the Services will be performed.

  • Event Date(s): The date(s) that the Service(s) will be performed on

  • The Fee: The amount payable by the Client to Caz for the services listed in the booking.

  • Party: Additional members of the family, friendship groups and/or bridal party receiving the Services

  • Service(s): Refer to the services listed in the booking form


2. The Client’s Responsibilities

The Client agrees to:

2.1. pay The Makeup Artist as detailed in section 5 of this Contract;

2.2. indemnify The Makeup Artist for any and all claims, costs, expenses and liabilities that arise before and after the Events due to other suppliers/service providers and changes made by the Client that affect the delivery of the Services;

2.3. disclose any agreements made by the Client and the Party relating to the Events that could affect the Services;

2.4. provide information reasonably requested for the purpose of providing the Services;

2.5. work with The Makeup Artist to create the desired look, including sending images of the desired look(s) in advance of the Event Date(s).  The Client(s) acknowledge that due to different shapes, textures and colours in the inspirational photos an exact likeness may not be able to be achieved in the final look(s) on the Client and may not be an exact likeness to the final look  

2.6. pay travel expenses in accordance with section 6 if it is required

2.7. allow the use photos and videos from the makeover(s)  to bus used on social media and website advertisements 

2.8. ensure they and their Party are partially ready prior to the arrival of Caz for the makeover to avoid delays. Being partially ready includes and is not limited to wearing their necklace, bangles, anklets, top/ dress. 

2.9. inform The Makeup Artist of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. The Makeup Artist will not be held liable for any losses or damage that is incurred due to the Client’s failure to inform the artist of any known condition. 

2.10. for a Destination Wedding:

2.10.1. prior to travel, arrange and pay the cost of travel, transfers (to and from all ports of exit and entry), visas;

2.10.2. prior to travel, arrange and pay the cost of accommodation;

2.10.3 arrange payment thereafter The Event(s) with The Makeup Artist to pay for and cover the cost of one meal a day, namely dinner for each day that The Makeup Artist is on location abroad for The Event(s)

2.10.4. organising and paying for any transfers that require cash payment to settle the bill. The Makeup Artist will not be responsible for making these such payments or settling them as part of the Fee;

2.10.5. pay in cash for any additional bookings for the Client and/or their guests that are taken by The Makeup Artist on the Event. Payment to be made at the time of booking.


3. The Makeup Artists Responsibilities

3.1. The Makeup Artist will provide the Services as agreed in the booking form.

3.2. The Makeup Artist will create the desired look requested by the Client to ensure the final result has longevity, is photo ready and works with what the Client has requested. 

3.2.1. Where the Client wants changes made to the look, the Client must ask for the changes at the time the Services are being provided within sufficient time for the changes to be made. Any requests made after the Services have been delivered will not be able to be executed. 

3.3. a 3-hour window will be given for bridal hair and makeup and 1-hour 30minutes per person will be allocated for non-bridal services. 

3.3.1. It is important for The Makeup Artist to have the full and undivided attention of the Client during this period to ensure that the look is not affected and is completed in time allocated.  

3.4. High quality products and professional skills  will be used to complete each makeover.

3.4.1. in the unlikely event that the Client has a skin reaction to or issue with the hair and makeup products used, the product will be removed immediately. Please also refer to section 2.9.

3.5. The Makeup Artist will complete the styling including head/ hair accessories for the Client. 

3.5.1. Eye lashes are provided for all Clients and are included in the pricing. Should the Client wish not to use them, this is at the Client’s discretion and discounts will not be applied for non-use.

3.5.2. No products will be left behind for top ups or touch ups. 

3.5.3. Hair extensions will be provided where required and at a cost agreed with and payable by the Client. Any such hair extensions are therefore owned by the Client.

3.5.4. Client(s) can provide their own hair extensions to be used, however Caz will not be responsible for the quality of the hair extensions and their ability to be styled as desired. 

3.6. Veil setting and dressing will be carried out by The Makeup Artist for the Bride only where it is a bridal booking.  

3.7. The Makeup Artist reserves the right to refuse a service to the Client or members the Party for, but not limited to, abusive, disrespectful and threatening behaviour from the Client or the Party or anyone invited by or hired by the Client, not limited to friends/ family/ suppliers, who are in the makeover room.

3.8. The Makeup Artist will work in a professional manner, observe Client confidentiality and follow a code of conduct.


4. Securing the Booking of the Service(s)

4.1. the booking of the Service(s) is only confirmed once the Client has paid the non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee.  Details of how to pay this will be outlined via email to the Client

4.3. the booking fee, once paid will be deducted from the overall Fee. 


5. Payment

5.1. Final payment must be either made in cash on the day of the first Event Date or via bank transfer with a cleared payment no later than the day before the 1st event.  Failure to make the payment in either format may result in the Service(s) being cancelled.

5.2. Trial payments must be made in cash on the day of the trial. Failure to make payment may incur penalty of £10 on the first day and £10 further per day until date of receipt of payment.

5.3. A wait charge of £20 per 15 minutes will be applied if the agreed start time is delayed by 15 minutes or more due to no fault of the makeup artist.  

5.4. In the event of late payment by the Client or Party, The Makeup Artist has the right to suspend or cancel the Services, with immediate effect until payment is received. In the event that any Fees remain unpaid 28 calendar days following the date of the event, the makeup artist reserves the right to apply late charges of 3.5% of the outstanding payment per week until the outstanding payment is paid in full.


6. Travel Expenses

6.1. The Client will cover any return travel expenses of The Makeup Artist as agreed at time of booking and in accordance with sections 2.6 and 2.10.

6.2. Travel expenses include and are not limited to mileage, congestion charging, toll charges and parking. For Destination Weddings, travel expenses are as described in section 2.10.

6.3. Mileage will be charged at 50p per mile beyond the 10-mile radius described in section 2.5.


7. Cancellations

7.1. Without limiting their other rights or remedies, the Client may cancel this Contract with immediate effect by giving written notice to The Makeup Artist if:

7.1.1. The Makeup Artist commits a material breach of the Contract and fails to remedy that breach within 28days of receipt of notice in writing of the breach; or

7.1.2. the Client is forced to cancel the Service.

7.2. Without limiting its rights or remedies, The Makeup Artist may cancel this Contract with immediate effect by giving written notice to the Client if:

7.2.1. the Client commits a material breach of the Contract and fails to remedy that breach within 14 days of receipt of notice in writing of the breach; or

7.2.2. the Client fails to complete payments as described in sections 4 and 5; or

7.2.3. throughout the term of this Contract, the modification of the Event dates and locations or any other information or occurrence has the consequence that the Services are, in the reasonable opinion of The Makeup Artist, unable to be performed.

7.3. On cancellation of this Contract:

7.3.1. refunds are limited to unearned fees;

7.3.2. the booking fee for the security of the booking as described in section 4.2 is non-refundable or transferable;

7.3.3. all earned fees must be paid within 28 calendar days of cancellation. Late payments will be subject to section 5.4.

7.3.4. by The Makeup Artist due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problems rendering the performance of their obligations and where no other suitable alternative Artist can be offered, will result in a full refund of the monies paid, including the non-refundable booking fee, to the Client. No further compensation will be offered.  

7.4. For cancellations within 30 days of the first Event Date, the Client will be charged the Fee for the booking. The final balance payment must be paid in full via bank transfer to The Makeup Artist within 28days of request.

7.5. The Client(s) can cancel a trial at any point, however where this is cancelled with fewer than 24 hours’ notice the trial will be charged the full trial price as in the booking agreement for the trial.

7.6. If for reasons outside of The Makeup Artists control the Makeup Artist can no longer perform the Services, all reasonable endeavours to find an alternative artist will be made. If an alternative artist is assigned, no compensation will be offered to the Client. If an alternative artist cannot be found, then the non-refundable deposit will be refunded to the Client and no further compensation will be offered.


8. Exclusivity

8.1. Exclusivity is not guaranteed for the whole day of the Event(s). Therefore, timings will be seriously considered when agreeing to any booking.

8.2. It is unlikely that there will be another event on the same day as the Event Date(s); and any separate bookings undertaken by The Makeup Artist will not affect the Services to be provided to the Client.

8.2.1. Sufficient time will be allocated to complete the Services. Where any delays are caused due to photography and videography, as described in section 9.3, this may affect the completion and/or the quality of the work of The Makeup Artist. This will be at the Client’s risk.

8.3. An exclusivity fee can be arranged, if preferred.


9. Photography

9.1. The Client agrees that The Makeup Artist may use any photography for marketing purposes which include but are not limited to the website and social media pages;

9.2. The Client agrees The Makeup Artist is permitted to take photos of the final makeover results. These images will also be used as confirmation of the quality of the completed makeover(s).

9.3. Unless prior agreement has been made with The Makeup Artist, photographers and videographers are not permitted in the makeover area during the allocated time required to complete the look as booked in by The Makeup Artist at the time of securing the booking . Photographers and videographers must not ask The Makeup Artist to stop their work in order to take photos of makeup touch-ups, veil setting. Full and unreserved time must be dedicated to the makeover and the photographers/ videographers have to make their own arrangements to take the images that they require unless agreed with The Makeup Artist prior to the Event(s).

9.3.1. Any delays caused as a result of photographer or videographer, professional or otherwise, will be at the Client’s risk. The Makeup Artist will not accept any liability for such delays.


10. Change of Event Date(s) or Timings

10.1 In the event the Client is forced to or wishes to change the Event Date(s), The Makeup Artist will use all reasonable endeavours to transfer the Service to the new date(s). The Client agrees that in the event of a date change any expenses including but not limited to booking fees that are non-refundable and non-transferable are the sole responsibility of the Client.

10.2 In the event that The Client wants to change the times of what was originally booked once the booking fee was paid,  please note that The Makeup Artist may not be able to be flexible with a change of time as The Makeup Artist may be back to back with bookings for the date in question.  The Client further understands that last minute changes can impact the quality of the service/ timings and that The Makeup Artist is not responsible for these compromises in quality.


11. Entire Agreement

This Contract contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written. This Contract supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between The Makeup Artist and the Client.


12. Force Majeure

The Makeup Artist is not responsible for any events preventing the main event from happening on the Event Date(s), such as fire, flood, earthquake or any other natural or human acts outside of the control of The Makeup Artist.


13. Amendment of Contract

Any variation, including any additional terms and conditions, to this Contract shall only be binding when agreed in writing between the Client and The Makeup Artist.


14. Waiver of Contractual Rights

The failure of The Makeup Artist or the Client to enforce any provision of this Contract shall not be construed as a waiver or limitation of that party’s right to subsequently enforce and compel strict compliance with every provision of this Contract.


15. Applicable Law

This Contract shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

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